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Publications in Scientific Journals and Conferences

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Sun, Ting; Wang, Zhi-Hua; Oechel, Walter; Grimmond, Sue

The Analytical Objective Hysteresis Model (AnOHM v1.0): methodology to determine bulk storage heat flux coefficients (Journal Article)

Geoscientific Model Development Vol. 10, 2875-2890, 2017, 10 , pp. 2875–2890, 2017.

(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: advection–diffusion equation, albedo, all-wave radiation, Analytical Objective Hysteresis Model, AnOHM, Bowen ratio, bulk transfer coefficient, net storage heat flux, Objective Hysteresis Model, SEB, solar radiation, surface energy balance, urban surface energy balance, wind speed, ΔQS)


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