Deliverable 2.1 Participatory methodology published

Deliverable 2.1 Participatory methodology published

The URBANFLUXES project has published a document that explains the methodology for stakeholder involvement. This report aims to provide the URBANFLUXES partners with guidelines on the launching and sustaining of Communities of Practices in the cities of London, Basel and Heraklion. It contains information on different methods for stakeholder involvement for each of the case studies.

After a general introduction of the URBANFLUXES project, the overall method of a Community of Practice (CoP) is described. An inventory is made for possible tools to be used in support of the CoP meetings, for example, open space workshops, brown-paper sessions, scientific posters and tools for monitoring the learning process. Additionally, a method for interviews with researchers and end users is described. Finally the document comprises a planning for the CoP meetings.

You can download Project Deliverable D2.1 from here