Community of Practice meeting Basel
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Community of Practice meeting Basel

On the 23rd of June 2015 the URBANFLUXES project team organised a Community of Practice (CoP) meeting in Basel, Switzerland. Participants of the meeting included representatives of the Statistisches Amt Basel-Stadt, Lufthygieneamt beider Basel, the Umwelt und Klimaschutz of Stadt Lörrach, the Swiss TPH, Planungsamt and Raumentwicklung Basel-Stadt and FRASUK Environment and Communication Agency. Together with the project team of URBANFLUXES, the participants explored the problem of urban heat in the city of Basel, the research that has already been done by the research team and the plans for the future.

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Poster session

The most successful part of the CoP meeting was the poster session in which the participants actively engaged. The questions of the participants gave a lot of input to think about and discuss within the URBANFLUXES project team. The two presentations on the subject of health and heat strengthened the problem of urban heat and gave food for thought for the participants. Participants indicated that for city planning activities it is important to receive results from the URBANFLUXES project on where the hotspots in the city are, why they are there and what can be done to address the hotspots. For a follow up meeting it was advised that more city/local planners are invited.

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Explanation of flux measuring tower

A report has been made on the CoP meeting in Base.